6-week, Intensive, Online Defensive Charting Seminar

Competencies in clinical judgment, intuition, multi-tasking, delegating and other higher-order professional skills take longer to develop, join us for 6 weeks of online mentoring.

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The rapid development and attempts at standardization and professionalization of the modern version of midwifery in the U.S. has created debates and tension about what, exactly, should be contained within the internationally recommended 3-year midwife training program. The didactic (classroom) education and “numbers” of clinical encounters and births is one way to measure training and competency. Competencies in clinical judgment, intuition, multi-tasking, delegating, and other higher-order professional skills take longer to develop and depend on having an appropriate amount of time, experiences, and mentoring (ACME, n.d.; AlHaqwi & Taha, 2015; Anderson et al, 2017; Colebrook, 2017; ICM, 2012; West et.al., 2015).

In an effort to provide the midwifery community with another option for mentoring, Augustine Colebrook is offering senior students and midwives the opportunity to be mentored through weekly video-conferencing on a series of (real-life) case studies. This online workshop lasts 6 weeks, and is limited in size to allow for in-depth Q & A.

This interactive workshop requires at least 1 hour preparation before each call for all participants. Hand-outs and redacted chart notes will be shared before each conference call online.

​All participants will be expected to sign confidentiality forms and no recording devices will be used. Participation on all 6 calls is required for CEU issuance.

If this sounds like fun to you, or if being investigated, sued, or audited scares the crap out of you, join me for the next seminar this fall.

We will meet ONLINE 6 times via zoom for Q&As and online consulting sessions.

12 Continuing education credits through MEAC are offered for full participation in all 6 classes plus weekly homework. Discount for repeat participants - email for the code.

Limited space! Investment: $225