Just like any other rare birth event, all midwives should be prepared to safely attend unplanned breech birth - this workshop shows you how.

Breech presentation occurs in approximately 3% to 4% of term pregnancies; of those, it is estimated that 8% to 35% remain undetected until labor. Which for the US birth rate works out to be between 10,000 and 46,450 breech presentations not diagnosed until labor last year.

No matter how good your palpating skills, or how often you order an ultrasound, this eventuality will continue to occur both in the hospital setting and out.

Midwives need to be prepared to attend these births regardless of what state laws allow, because just like shoulder dystocia, you can not risk assess this complication out of your practice.

Join me and a panel of your colleagues to review the mechanism of physiologic breech birth, as well as key interventions to diagnosis and resolve breech dystocia.

"It was the best breech training I have ever had. So straightforward and intuitive. I wish all midwives and OBs had this training. I would love to repeat it annually, to keep breech skills fresh since I don’t see that many of them. I would love to do other workshops with you. You are an excellent instructor."

Joani Trethewey Koenig, Texas CPM and Birth Center Owner 

breech birth workshop

In this online course we will explore:

  • Diagnosis of breech presentation in labor
  • Timing and the decision to transport
  • EMS role in unplanned breech birth
  • The physiologic mechanism of breech birth
  • Key intervention points
  • Emergency techniques to free a stuck baby
  • Defensive charting
  • 4 Continuing Education Credits through MEAC are offered on completion of this course.

Life-Saving Skill

It's not an "if" but "when" you will be faced with an unplanned breech situation. Learn how to navigate a safe breech birth in any setting!

Confidence & Peace of Mind

Move forward with peace of mind knowing you can handle an unplanned breech situation with confidence!

Expert Guidance

Learn from someone who has done it! Who understands the mechanics & physiology as well as the real-world challenges that comes with a community-based midwifery practice.

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