The "Origins of Being", co-taught by Mary Jackson and Moriah Melin, is a deep journey into pre & perinatal psychology for birth workers. Delving into your origins, this course offers birth professionals an understanding of how their own birth influences clinical choices, bias, emotion, connection, and more.

Furthermore, this course will also help you emphasize the value of parents integrating their own birth and previous birth experiences to decrease the likelihood of repeated trauma imprints.

Through this full 5 session course, you will come a way with a clear sense of the birth blueprint, a greater sense of peace around your own experiences, and a meaningful way to reduce trauma for all.

Mary Jackson, RN, LM, CST, EMT

Mary Jackson has been a midwife since 1975. Offering prenatal, postpartum care, home and water birth, as well as birth trauma resolution, somatic experiencing, cranio-sacral therapy and Circle of Security group work, she serves families in the Ojai Valley, Ventura and Santa Barbara areas of California. She has attended over 2,500 births and is now attending the home births of her second generation of babies.

Mary was one of the pioneers to bring legal midwifery back to California in the‘70s after decades of persecution. A co–founder of the Santa Birth Resource Center, a Board Member of the National Midwifery Institute and current President of the BEBA Clinic (Building and Enhancing, Bonding and Attachment), she is a legend in her region. She was an adjunct faculty member at the Santa Barbara Graduate Institute, Co-founder and co-facilitator with the late Ray Castellino, at ‘About Connections’ where they supported families who wanted to conceive, prepare for birth and integrate the birth experience.

She is co-teaching the Castellino Prenatal and Birth Training in the United States, Scotland, and Spain. In the first year after incorporating these pre and perinatal approaches in her midwifery practice, her hospital transfer rate went from 20% to 6%. Additionally, Mary has been featured in 11 books and 5 films including “What babies Want” and “Guerrilla Midwife”.

Mary is currently participating in cutting edge research about imprints that occur around the time of conception, pregnancy and birth and how they affect us throughout the rest of our lives and what it takes to heal from challenges in these experiences.

Moriah Melin, CPM, RM

Every day Moriah Melin is humbled by parenthood, partnership, physical health, and the ways she witnesses those around her rise to their challenges. She has been supporting families in childbirth since 1996, and is currently registered as a Midwife in Colorado and Ireland. Moriah is also a Death Midwife supporting families through end-of-life transitions, and is currently writing a book titled “How To Show Up for the Dying and Their Loved Ones: What to Do, What to Say.”

In addition to Birth and Death Midwifery, Moriah is personally and professionally passionate about the field of Pre- and Perinatal Psychology (PPN). In 2015 she completed the Body Into Being training with Ray Castellino and Anna Chitty. In 2018 she completed the Castellino Foundation Training,and in 2020 the Family Practitioner Training, both of which were taught by Ray Castellino, Mary Jackson and Tara Blasco. Moriah has been an active board member for BEBA(Building & Enhancing Bonding & Attachment - a research family clinic founded by Ray Castellino in 1995) since 2016. Prenatal and postpartum PPN sessions have complimented her home birth midwifery practice since 2012. It is her intention to support individuals and families at every stage along the Rainbow Bridge continuum of birth, life and death. 

You’re invited to enroll in this course and learn at your own pace!

Don’t miss the opportunity! Move along the path of integration with the expert guidance of Mary and Moriah.

Whether you're a senior midwife, a new student, or a doula - this course is the medicine we all need to be more conscious, more connected, and more compassionate with ourselves, each other and the babies and families we serve.

Learn and understand the 8 Castellino principles and how they apply to midwives specifically

Imprint layers on the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) and how they effects Labor, Delivery and Bonding and Attachment 

Equip yourself with the tools to support babies in telling their birth story and the value of birth integration for children.

Course Curriculum

  Session 1 : Introduction to Pre- and Perinatal Psychology for Birth Attendants
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days after you enroll
  Session 2 : Birth Attendants In Relation To Their Own History
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Session 3 : Birth Attendants In Relation To The Births They Attend
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days after you enroll
  Session 4 : Supporting Parents to Integrate their History
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days after you enroll
  Session 5 : Supporting Babies to Tell Their Story and Integrate Their Birth
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days after you enroll


CPDs from ACM (Australia & New Zealand)

This is a 15 hour course consisting of 5 sessions of 3 hours each. Sessions are online and can completed at your own pace. While single session tickets are available, CEUs will be issued to only those who participate in all 5 sessions.